Product development


Indawood technical department is focused on the process of research and product development from conception of the idea to its ultimate realization through professional industrial design tools CAD-CAM. Its activities are aimed at prototyping, 3D, technical drawings, customization adapted to customer projects and technical supervision of all production processes.

Price quotation


Indawood commercial department will adapt a personlized price offer depending on the materials, operations and finishes that the customer prefers for its own project.



From a 3D model, technical draft or layout the technical office creates the initial prototype for the first assessment and adaptation to your project.



The company uses the most common types of solid wood, such as beech, oak, ash wood, walnut or cherry wood, or even cork, although Indawood always recommended beech wood for its optimum properties for machining, assembly and finishing. It is imperative for the company to work with wood originated in controlled forestry operations provided by PEFC certified wood suppliers. By the other side, Indawood can work with prefabricated materials as MDF, particleboard, plywood, fingerjoint, compact materials or melamines.



The main finishing used on wood is matte or glossy varnished. However, any color can be equalized by providing color lacquers with transparency or stained colors with an opaque color result. We can also use textured paint. The most common in painting process consists of one or two layers of background to seal or refine the surface, and finally a layer of finishing.