Indawood Components, S.L, is a woodworking company with a long family tradition that goes back to three generations.  With a wide presence in furniture components markets Indawood has managed to diversify products and services in new markets like contract, lighting, hostelry and exhibition, offering new uses and applications to its specialization in wood and its derivatives.
Using a high level efficiency of automatic and semi automatic systems of CNC - Computer Numerical Control - technology and the ultimate CAD-CAM program software, Indawood can develop design and manufacture solutions ad-hoc of any level of complexity.
The quality, technique and sustainability are the essential cornerstones of Indawood.  For this reason the company follows its own quality processes based on the ISO 9001 Certification as a guarantee of an optimum quality result in its services and production.  
As an enviromentally friendly company, Indawood promotes sustainable forest management working with wood originated in controlled forestry operations provided by PEFC certified wood suppliers.